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    "There is such a thing. He said that the people's hearts in the Thanh Huong area are unstable. In order to promote the smooth development of rural areas, we must give local people some real benefits." The current premise is to pave the way for rural exploration, i You must agree and give him the opportunity to enrich himself. He told you this because he wanted to do you a favor, right?" Zhou Fuhai said with a smile.

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    Everyone present at the scene understood in their hearts this proposal, which was to let Lieutenant General Da Mufan and the Huazhong Gendarmerie Command take a step down, as long as there was a suitable reason, regardless of whether it was reasonable or not. it would be much easier to solve the problem, anyway sooner or later it will have to be given time, it seems that the loss will not be too big.

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    "This phenomenon is not uncommon in underground covert work. Some covert agents die not at the hands of the enemy, but at the hands of their own people. This is a potential success and a danger potential, but like this, a failed assassination is actually a good thing for me." Xu Ruiyang said with a smile.

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    Those who can be selected for the Japanese military intelligence department are inherently outstanding people, and then they are educated and brainwashed to become fanatical and agitated, a group of people who are very dangerous and difficult to deal with. .

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    "Not dangerous. Probably blackmailing passengers by checking for suspicious elements! This type of thing is very common, just give them money, and now you go back to your room and wait." Takagi Haobo said with disdain. his eyes.

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    In fact, the most basic reason was due to the internal conflict between Li Shiqun and Dingmo Village. He Tianfeng, Chen Mingchu and the dead Wang Tianmou all supported Dingmo Village, so Li Shiqun took advantage of this problem and managed urged him in the secret police headquarters. After a long time, it was estimated that Li Shiqun had forgotten this person.

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    "Then I would like to congratulate Mr. Thanh Ky, you have transferred from the secret service to a position in the army. In the empire's promotion system, a staff officer is very promising. I believe that there will never be a Soon you will be promoted to military rank." will increase by one level." Level up." Hua Due Duong smiled and said.

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    "So, after the occupation, Japanese businessmen repeatedly asked the gendarmes about the machinery of British and American tobacco factories. I didn't bother to talk to them. It would be great if you could stand out to do this." " Rong Kinoshita City said with a smile.

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    She was naturally very angry that the guerrillas of the Loyalist and National Salvation Army did such a despicable and shameless thing, but Xu Ruiyang was the director of the Military Control Department, so she could not say that she She sympathized with the underground party, so she took advantage of Ruan Qingyuan's actions to ask for information.

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    The intuition of an agent is very important. Many of the agents of the Military Control Department who were captured came from the intuition of imperial agents. However, intuition does not mean right, if you feel with your heart then there is half a chance that you have gone too far and you always need some evidence to prove your inference.

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    My wife is the person who understands my thoughts best. She did so many bad things in China, how could she die? And in name, she is my secret lover. If I don't do this, the Japanese will execute me. adding some negative feelings, I can't just carry a fake name, and always gain some value for myself. Xu Ruiyang said with a smile.

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    "Similar to the situation at special altitude, the Secret Service Headquarters had no target for retaliation. Perhaps the last incident angered the appeasement authorities and our activities were blocked everywhere." everywhere." Li Shiqun said.

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    In addition, the truth is the truth, the decisive battle at Quzhou did not happen, Hirohiro Takagi had nothing left to say, he could only endure the scolding, and planned to find a way to regain face. in the second target area.

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    Xu Jun, your spy department is also monitoring this underground organization, it's been more than a month since New Year's Eve, haven't they found any valuable clues? Nan Zao Yunzi asked.

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    "Don't be alarmed. The committee member didn't say that you planned to be Minister Kong's son-in-law. He just felt uncomfortable with Minister Kong's petty actions. The purpose of smuggling from the Inspection Bureau Military control to occupied areas is to resist Japan and for money. Kong family Smuggling is to make money for themselves! What kind of behavior is this, it is called enriching the country! !”

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    This is an exchange of resources. He wants to use Thanh Huong rice area for free in exchange for Hua Due Duong's help. Rice is a scarce item that can make money.

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    According to new information sent by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, we tracked two contacts and discovered two groups of spies. I don't know which two groups belong to the four groups of wind, rain, thunder and lightning. There are still half of those who have not been found, a total of eight people. Shen Boyang said.

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    I did it for you, but there was a group that wanted to leave the city. It's just that the timing was a bit unlucky. At that time, the military department was directly stationed in Giang Thanh, because they didn't know my identity. , they actually sent someone to sneak into Hankou citadel and shoot my black spear. In the end, I was okay, but was beaten to death by Thinh Lam and Hai Xuong and the others.

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    "Our 11th Army Corps has heavy combat missions. The 33rd Division and 4th Division were also transferred to Southeast Asia to form the Southern Army to carry out combat missions in the south. Indeed Their strength is seriously insufficient. The 1st Army Corps has just been established. The 58th Division and 68th Division are just small numbers for such a large area!"

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    Naturally, the Japanese military was concerned about the existence of Jiangcheng District's Jiangcheng District, and with the help of the establishment of Jiangcheng District Secret Service Headquarters and Jiangcheng Special Department, all Forces were mobilized to launch a major attack. -massive search and seizure operation for Juntong's Jiangcheng District.

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    “He is fifty-five years old this year. According to Japanese military habits, he will be transferred back to China at the end of this year to become a reserve general, so he will stay in China maximum four months. You understand what this means. What are you looking for?" Xu Ruiyang said.

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    What you say you say, I listen to me, you know what you do, I know what you do, if Mao Lam Muc had not been arrested by the Gendarmerie Special High School, the position of Chinese District Commander would probably have taken three years .It took two years to get to me.

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    This time you established a special service department in Pengcheng, I think it is a very good breakthrough. Pengcheng's geographical position is superior, it can connect Henan, Shanxi, Shandong and Hebei provinces in northern China, and also connect northern Jiangsu and Anhui. Bei, much more important than other secret agencies, you have to manage it with your heart.

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    "Tu Tuan, I know you have always acted modestly, not wanting to attract too much attention. Over the years, you have achieved many achievements for the empire and Kim Lang palace, and the empire awarded you medals." twice, but you have never fought for any prominent position. If you had a little thought, the position of director would have been yours."

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    "Su Jiahu's attack group of the Loyalist and National Salvation Army was completely destroyed by the Japanese army. This was a serious mistake on my part. Although boss Dai did not reprimand him severely, perhaps he also dissatisfied with me. The more this happens, the more I can't back down. Send orders to the intelligence team, I want them to be cautious and vigilant in everything, and don't go out arbitrarily if they There is no necessary connection." Mao Lam Moc said.

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    Communications lines in mountainous cities are often damaged by enemy aircraft, the communications department always repairs the phones of powerful and wealthy departments or people first, and the anti-aircraft shelters last. public. When the switchboard transfers calls, the rich and powerful have priority. When the shelters openly call to inquire about the situation, they often respond very late.

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    When the eyeliner on all the roads was deployed, he ordered the blockade to be lifted, the investigation unit's secret police tracked the killers to Wuchang and found the house's secret station. affiliated station.